It was easier in the past.A man knew what it was to be a man.You stood up for things that were wrong.You had the right to do so.You were expected to do so.The way you lived,the training you put yourself through,prepared you for the inevitable confrontations,ones that could end in dismemberment or even death.Then something happened.We passed laws of decency.Lawyers became our shepherds.And what was once a fairly easy thing to understand became muddled in the bureaucracy of what we call being civilized.A man could no longer stand up to the wrongs that were around him.He had to go through and trudge through miles of red tape.Women demanded equality, and she got it.Not by getting everything the man had,but by the man being castrated in the form of order.I don't care what you say.That's not progress.It's not evolution.It's a disease,and it needs someone that understands what's at stake.Someone who can stand up like a real man and take action against injustice and unfairness in this world.Today.Right now.Before lunch


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